Today we debut our first super-secret guest, Florida zoo educator Jen Lindsay! Listen as she talks about her education programs, how science is used in her line of work, and more. We all talk about our experiences Marching for Science, and Congress sticking it to our current president by boosting science funding and reducing the proposed cuts to the EPA. We also wonder about getting crayfish drunk and why dragonflies fake their deaths. We touch on a couple of insanely awesome embryonic development studies in chickens and artificial wombs for mammals, why the granny throw is the best way to throw a free throw, and just some of the crazy ways naked mole rats are unique. Lastly, we talk about how scientists are recruiting citixen scientists by developing video games to solve extremely complex problems in biology such as protein folding and neuron mapping.

Jen Lindsay got her degree in marine biology before becoming an intern at Seacamp/Newfound Harbor Marine Institute in 2010, along with Matt and Jason! After that, she has been working in the Education Department at the Brevard Zoo in Florida. There, she does a lot of outreach and teaching for the zoo's 13-18 year old programs!